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Why hustle anyway?

Posted: February 3, 2017 at 6:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you want more from life, you best change direction.

Wake up, shower, eat, drive to work, slave, drive home, eat, sleep – repeat

This is the sad reality that most of us live each and every day. The mundanity of a working class person is, in most cases, enough to sink anyone into depression. For some, the corporate ladder or the rat race is life – and thats great, but if you are longing for more – whether it be more time, more freedom, more excitement or just the opportunity to do something a little different to what you did yesterday, you are among the majority of the world population. Most of us are simply not satisfied with life; and if you drill down to the root – it will in all likeliness come down to money.

The freedom to hang out with your kids every afternoon after school, play golf on a Monday morning, go on 6 mini holidays a year or even just sleep in an extra hour every day is usually fully dependent on money.

In most jobs, there is a simple trade off between your time and your bosses or the company’s money. You are given x Rands for x time given to the company. In most jobs, its a bad model because there is no way of ensuring great productivity during that time, but thats the model and there is no changing it. This means that playing soccer with your son on a Monday afternoon is probably not going to be possible, if you wish to remain employed and earning your salary.

Starting with a choice to create a late night hustle is the beginning of setting yourself free, and the earlier you start, the sooner you can take Mondays off.

So why a late night hustle?

For most, the responsibility of bills, car repayments, bonds and debt mean that you cannot simply walk out of your 9-5 with the determination to start a business. 5-9 or even 5-12 must become the most productive hours of the day. We will talk about the necessity of balancing it all in another article.

We are conditioned to come home from work, and after the necessary chores such as cooking, feeding the dogs, washing the dishes and helping with homework are complete, we sink ourselves deep in to the unproductive comfort of the couch in front of the tv to waste valuable time in the attempt to provide ourselves with some well needed entertainment.

This, my friends, is where you will start creating, one night at a time, the freedom that you so desire. This, is where the dreams you may once have had for the Merc, BMW, house on the beach, holiday to France begin coming alive again. Its during these few dark hours a day, that you will take grasp of your future and your legacy in creating something that is yours and we would like to be a part of that journey with you in learning, teaching and sharing the pursuit of creating something for you and your family.